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Sweater -Faux Leather

Sweater -Faux Leather

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Quantity: 1 Sheet Pink
Sheet measure: 16.9x12.2 inches

What is it? In fact, Tex Faux Leather is a special high quality synthetic leather developed by Tex, especially for artists, luxury craftsmen and party designers. With Tex Faux Leather, it is possible to create endless possibilities for charming and classic pieces. Suitable not only for decorating parties and sophisticated dessert tables, but also for crafts of all kinds.
All this while you are sure you are getting the best. Where to use Tex faux leather? In luxury personalized souvenirs, sets, scrap boxes, chocolate bar packaging, tin packaging, scrap decoration, pyramid boxes, decorative panels, personalized souvenirs, ties, bags, toppers, among others.
Technical description: The Tex Faux Leather line has several smooth prints and incredible textures. It is not a role. It is a type of synthetic leather, popularly known as corino. Tex Papel innovates bringing to the party market a high quality faux leather that provides an impeccable finish. Take the test and prove it!

Synthetic leather: this material is composed of polyurethane (PU), PVC and polyester.