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About Us

Hi, My name is Rakel and I’m so glad to have you here!!

Im going to share with you some importants things about me and my family:

I've been an artisan since I was 12 years old. I started making miniature couples for a wedding cake top and after this I never stopped, even if was just for a hobby. I always liked to create and its a pleasure for me when I see a finished piece, something I made with my own hands.

I got married when i was 24 yo and after a few years I got pregnant with our most precious treasure, Rebeca, she gave me the opportunity to return to do something I love to do and I could dedicate myself to her, working from home. When was time to think about a name for this crafts atelier, I wanted a name that was strong, brave and that brings a lot of meaning to us, so I chose MARIA, my mother’s name, who is always everything to me/us. We saw the opportunity to have a special moment whenever possible and opened our virtual store ♥️

In 2021, we lost one of the biggest supporter of this small business, my father. He always supported us, advised us, was proud of us and always remembered us how we were growing.

After a period of mourning, we got up and here we are. Our small business is the realization of a dream, the realization of our family.

Our story is something we want to share with you, something we put in every order’s box we close, every order we ship. Believe, because we believed and we will always believe.

With love,
Rakel, Cicero and Rebeca